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Paragon Nitro is a full-service digital marketing set up, with a passion for energy efficient products. The world is changing rapidly, carbon emissions are becoming a serious threat to humanity as a whole, and we need the change at grass roots level if we are to survive this era in our evolution.

As Paulo Coelho said;

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion

So with an urgent desire to help change, even in a small way the future for the next generations, and create a great company for our customers we created Paragon Nitro. 

You can leverage 12 years experience in front line digital marketing, and millions of pounds in traffic and ad testing to gain the maximum ROI possible for your business. No matter where you are in the staging of your company, we can help you. From site planning and creation, though traffic sourcing, testing and optimising we will excel you to the next levels.

There is no better teacher than failure, and at Paragon Nitro we come from backgrounds of real entrepreneurship, we run and manage our own digital assets, with our own cash risked over the last 10 years. Every mistake under the sun has been made, and our systems and processes are now so refined we feel like we can really make a difference to you, our client by having access to those mistakes and learning curves so you can hit the ground at maximum speed.

This is what separates us from the rest of the pack. Other ‘design’ or ‘marketing’ companies know very little of real world business and are concerned with making a website look pretty. They fail to take your goals and business plans into account asking for failure. So at Paragon Nitro, we don’t ‘design’ websites, we don’t ‘do’ SEO, we build business systems that complete incremental steps to achieving your final missions and goals. It’s not the lowest cost, but the payback will be 10 fold over time.

You can choose between various pricing models we have, for example, cost per lead where there are no upfront costs, you just buy double qualified leads as you need them. This is the fastest route to market, no expensive website or marketing setup needed. Just pre-pay for X number of leads, and let your sales team roll. This pricing model is only available in certain verticals or subject to an audit of your market, contact us now for details.

You can also instruct us to build up your own marketing channels, and web presence for longer term traffic sources that you control. This has more upfront cost, but you’re building something of exceptional value for the long term of your company. Speak to us today for a no pressure mutual litmus test.